Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ericka Heaton 6/21/2015 6years old 9&under 90cc 1st place Overall 2nd of 7 CRA Harescramble Mansfield

Today was another muddy race but turned out wonderful!!! Ericka got her very first 1st this year!!!
Ericka Heaton  6/21/2015 6years old 9&under 90cc 1st place Overall 2nd of 7 CRA Harescramble
Awesome family picture

Ericka thrilled to be covered in mud

racing through the track

Ericka coming out of the woods

Ericka having a blast in the mud

coming around the bend

1st place, here I come

Ericka crossing the finish line
Ericka with her amazing trophy
Ericka's pre-race photo

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