Thursday, July 30, 2015

Braxtyn Chamberlain led us to Paragon, IN for MAXC Series.

Race 2 of the double header weekend for Braxtyn Chamberlain led us to Paragon, IN for MAXC Series. Braxtyn started off with the hole shot but was in 3rd heading into the woods section. He finished the day with a hard fought 2nd. Great way to end the weekend, 2 podiums in 2 races at 2 different series. Great job Braxtyn.
My little sister wants to go for a ride with me.

Braxtyn chasing after his competitors

riding through the woods

speeding down the hill

Braxtyn tearing up the track

Speeding up the hill

on the outskirts of the dense trees

rolling through the dark forrest

coming out of the woods

racing towards the finish line

a wining picture with amazing family and friends

welcome to the winners circle

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