Monday, September 21, 2015

Levi Burkemper - 9/13/15 Youth MAXC Rd 7 Copperhead Row Martinsville, IN

Levi Burkemper - 9/13/15 1st place in 70cc Youth MAXC Rd 7 Copperhead Row Martinsville, IN 
Levi took first place in round 7 of the MAXC series in the youth 70cc on his 2015 70cc DRR. He had a fantastic start and took the hole shot leading the pack into the woods for an excellent race over a three mile course. The quad was running perfectly which calls for a huge shout out to DRR and RC Motorsports for building us an outstanding machine for Levi to compete on! 
levi showing off his winnings

levi tearing up the track

levi racing away from his competition

levi speeding towards the finish line

levi having fun racing his ATV

leading the pack

fighting to finish line

riding through the tall fields

speech time

winners circle

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