Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What if your clutch bell is turning blue on your DRR ATV

A customer has a problem about her clutch bell bluing and this is what they asked:

I have a 2014 DRR 50 and found some bluing on the clutch bell where it has been hot. The shoes look good so I'm not sure what caused it other than the heavy mud last weekend at the GNCC. Any ideas what may have caused it and how much of this is acceptable? Also will this cause me any trouble with the CVT not to work properly. I have an intermittent problem of it not wanting to accelerate and bogging and I really think its in the actual secondary clutch myself. Let me know what you think.
So when you are using atv in mud you want the rear tires to spin, so you don't get a lot of traction, Because if you get a lot of traction you'll get too much heat in the clutch bell. Then you'll have to change the torsion spring and the clutch spring.

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