Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rodgers Races the Road to Gold!

Andrea Rodgers raced her DRR DRX70 at CRA Pine Lake on 8-21-16 and placed 1st in the Senior Mini class.

Andrea proudly showing off her award and ATV

Mudding time!

Ready to rumble!

Andrea in front of the competition

Rodgers riding through the woods

Andrea booking it down the hill

Focused and fast

Think I see a smile under that helmet : )

Racing through the trees

Navigating the bumpy dirt track

Alyssa Nabbed 3rd place at CRA Pine Lake. Awesome work Alyssa!

Alyssa Rodgers raced her DRR DRX90 at CRA Pine Lake on 8-21-16 and placed 3rd in the Jr Mini class! 
Well done!

Alyssa and her award

Alyssa read to rock and race

Alyssa fearlessly going down hill

Alyssa ready to take the plunge

Alyssa racing through the woods

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Absolutely Amazing Agostino Abbatielo Takes 1st

Agostino Abbatiello rode his DRR90 at his race on August 21st at the NHMX.  Agostino rode to victory, earning first place.  Way to go Agostino!

Agostino driving down the dirt track

Agostino at the starting gate, ready to ride

Agostino at podium where he won first place

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hanlin Rode Hard Earning a 3rd Place Victory

Emily Hanlin recently participated in the WEXCR Series Rd#9 in Cutler, Ohio on August 21st.  Emily got 3rd place in the Mini Quad DRR90 and even got a picture with professional ATV rider, Adam McGill.

Emily ready to race

Emily racing downhill

Emily taking on the trail

Emily ready to rumble

Race results

Emily driving down the dirt track

Emily with Adam McGill

Another shot of Emily and Adam

Bach Blazes Past Competition, Winning 1st Place

Aleah Bach competed in the EROC Youth Quad RD #1 on August 21st. Aleah won first in her class and first overall on her DRR DRX 90. Awesome ATVing Aleah!  

Aleah proudly displaying her first place medal

Aleah ready to rock the race

Aleah riding through the hills

Aleah racing downhill

Aleah leaving the competition in her dust

Awesome long shot of Aleah on dirt track

Wyatt Wollops Competition for the Win

Wyatt Bach rode his DRR DRX90 and took first place in EROC PeeWee Quad MotoXC RD #1. Way to go Wyatt!

Wyatt looking ready to rumble on the trail

Wyatt kicking up the dirt trail

Wyatt ready to race

Wyatt racing down the track

Wyatt ripping down the track

High five buddy!

Wyatt wearing his first place medal

Monday, August 22, 2016

Ericka Earns First Place at EROC MXC RD #1

Ericka Heaton won first place in the 50 cc at EROC MXC RD #1 on August 21st. Excellent work Ericka!

Ericka racing through the woods

Ericka edging out her competition

Ericka zooming closer to the finish line

Erica rolling right along

Great long shot of Ericka's race

Ericka driving down the dirt road

Ericka rocking her first place medal

Caleb Stoop Stomps Competition!

On Sunday the 14th, in Bartlett Ohio, Caleb Stoops came off the line with the hole shot and got first place in the 90 class. Congratulations on a job well done Caleb!

Caleb cruising down the dirt path

Caleb making his way through the course

Caleb coming out of the woods

Friday, August 19, 2016

Braxtyn Goes Big in Indiana

Braxtyn Chamberlain finished 4th in 50cc SR class and 4th overall at MWXC in Holton, IN.

Braxtyn posing with his award

Checkered flag ready and Braxtyn ready to bring it

Braxtyn taking on the track

Braxtyn leaving a trail of dust in his wake

Braxtyn emerging from the woods

Mudding time!

Over the river and through the woods

Braxtyn driving downhill 

Braxtyn looking rad in orange