Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Gunnar" Does Great at Outlaw Mx!

Robert "Gunnar" Eller rode at Outlaw Mx on September 3rd and came in 1st in the 50 open, 2nd in the 50 race and 3rd place in the 70/90 race.  Great job Gunnar!  Robert is our newest contingency riders, and we are so glad to have him on the team! 
Robert looking rad on his ATV
Great shot of Robert and some sun rays
On your mark, get set, GO!!!

Robert riding down the track to victory!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Emily Excitedly Earned 6th Place!

Emily Hanlin rode her DRR 90 at RD #9 AWCRS on September 18th.  She earned 6th Place, 14th out of 43 riders.  Way to go Emily!
Emily lined up and ready to race
Spectators watching Emily ride
Emily taking off down the track
 Emily looking rad on her DRR ATV

 Emily making her way through the course
 Emily zooming along

Emily getting a charge after the race 
Emily with her cool award
Race results
More race results

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Andrea Awarded Two Second Place Victories at Coal Hollow

Andrea Rodgers revved into second place in both the 90cc modified class and second overall at the AWCRS RD#8 Coal Hollow.  Way to rock it, Rodgers!

Andrea and the "paparazzi" 

Andrea emerging from the woods

Andrea ahead of the other racers

Andrea blowing up dust

Andrea coming down the track

Caution: Track Crossing and Andrea is making her way through

Big smiles on Victory Lane

Andrea looking proud on Victory Lane

Andrea speaking to the crowd

Andrea looking awesome on her ATV

Monday, September 12, 2016

Heaton Had a Great Heat

On September 10th, Ericka Heaton raced in GNCC and earned 4th place out of 25 and 11th overall of 56.  Impressive stats Ericka!

Close up of Ericka looking rad all suited up

Ericka eager to start the race

Close-up of Ericka and her competitor

Ericka making her way down the dirt track

Ericka ripping through the rough road

Ericka showing off her new race bling

Stats Sheet

Wyatt Does Well at Crow Canyon

On September 11th, Wyatt Bach raced his DRR DRX 70 at EROC Crow Canyon, coming in fifth place.  Well done Wyatt!

Wyatt ready to take off

Wyatt right in the thick of it

Wyatt making his way over the bumps

Wyatt driving through the dust

Wyatt looking bad to the bone and repping DRR

Side view of  Wyatt

Emily did an Excellent Job at Crow Canyon, Earning 1st Place!

Emily Hanlin raced at EROC RD#2 Crow Canyon on her DRR 90 and won first place in the 9-12 age division!  Excellently executed Emily!

Aleah Placed a Strong Second at Crow Canyon

Aleah Bach raced her DRR DRX 90 into second place at EROC MotoXC Crow Canyon on September 11th.  Absolutely amazing job Aleah!  

Aleah looking focused and ready for victory

Aleah making her way through the race

Aleah getting over the bump

Aleah moving past the competition

Aleah versus the dirt track

Aleah going downhill

"Come this way!"

Aleah showing off her medal and winning smile