Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Braxtyn Chamberlain Claimed 3rd in 50cc SR class and 3rd Overall

Braxtyn Chamberlain had a great day of racing at MWXC in Bowling Green, IN on September 3rd.  Braxtyn finished 3rd in the 50cc SR class and 3rd overall.  That will move Braxtyn from 4th to 2nd in the series overall battle.  Only six points back with two more rounds to go.  Congratulations on doing so well Braxtyn and best of luck with the rest of the series!
Braxtyn looking pumped for the race
Braxtyn heading into the woods
Braxtyn breezing down the dirt track
Braxtyn leaving dust in his trail
Motoring uphill
"This way! This way!"
Braxtyn racing in the sunlight
Braxtyn booming through the woods
Braxtyn beaming with his award
Braxtyn celebrating in Victory Lane

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