Friday, October 28, 2016

Aleah Did Awesomely at Her Race at EROC

Aleah Bach rode at EROC in the Series Youth Class and earned third place.  Awesome racing Aleah!
Aleah all smiles after race

Aleah looking ready to race on her DRR ATV

Aleah at the starting line

Aleah with her EROC award

Way to Bring the Heat, Heaton!

Ericka Heaton had an awesome showing at EROC MXC and was the 1st place class winner! Way to bring the heat, Ericka!

Ericka and her partner in crime on the ATV track

ATV after race

 Ericka driving through the trees

 Ericka driving out of the forest
 Ericka zooming downhill
 Ericka following the race boundaries
 Ericka weaving through the trees

Ericka muddling through the mud


Wyatt Rocked at EROC!

On October 23rd, Wyatt Bach raced in the EROC Series Youth Class and at the end of the series awards, he placed second overall. You should be so proud of yourself, Wyatt!
Wyatt with his well-earned awards

 Wyatt racing down the track

 Wyatt going around wind in trail

Time to get muddy, Wyatt!

Wyatt taking a turn

The long and muddy road

Wyatt driving down the dirt trail

Wyatt showing off his award on his ATV

Wyatt's award on his DRR ATV

Wyatt proudly showing his medal

Wyatt looking ready to ride on his DRR ATV

Ready, set, go!

 Wyatt in front of other racer

Wyatt driving down the straightaway

Wyatt zooming down the race trail

 Just Wyatt and the course

 Wyatt showing his newly earned award

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Braxtyn is Named the MWXC Overall Peewee Champion!

Braxtyn Chamberlain did an awesome job in all his races this year and continued this streak at MWXC Round 11 in North Salem, IN on October 15th.  Braxtyn got second place in 50cc SR class and 2nd overall at the race!  Furthermore, he ended the race season third in his class and the MWXC Overall Peewee Champion!  You should be beyond proud of yourself for doing so well this year, Braxtyn!

Braxtyn and his sister having some fun before the race
Braxtyn preparing for his race

 Braxtyn and his competitors battling it out

 Braxtyn going over the mound

 Braxtyn taking on the track

 Great profile shot of Braxtyn

 Braxtyn catching some air

Great close-up shot of Braxtyn on his DRR ATV

 Braxtyn piloting down the dirt road

Braxtyn trying to pull ahead of his competition 
 Braxtyn in front of his competitor

 Braxtyn coming around the bend

Braxtyn celebrating in Victory Lane

Braxtyn hanging with his racer friends
 Braxtyn trekking through the forest

Braxtyn and his awesome awards at Victory Lane

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gunnar Did Great at Outlaw Mx

Gunnar Eller rode hard on October 15th at Outlaw Mx and did a bang up job!  Gunnar placed first in the 50 open, second in race 50 and second in 70/90.  Way to go Gunnar! 
 Gunnar in front of Outlaw Mx signage

Gunnar at the gate 
Gunner ready to start the race
 Gunnar having some fun at Outlaw Mx

 So fast he's blurry in the picture!

Gunnar catching some good air
 Gunnar motoring down the dirt track

 Cool snap of Gunnar and the lights
Gunnar looking great on his DRR ATV