Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Braxtyn is Named the MWXC Overall Peewee Champion!

Braxtyn Chamberlain did an awesome job in all his races this year and continued this streak at MWXC Round 11 in North Salem, IN on October 15th.  Braxtyn got second place in 50cc SR class and 2nd overall at the race!  Furthermore, he ended the race season third in his class and the MWXC Overall Peewee Champion!  You should be beyond proud of yourself for doing so well this year, Braxtyn!

Braxtyn and his sister having some fun before the race
Braxtyn preparing for his race

 Braxtyn and his competitors battling it out

 Braxtyn going over the mound

 Braxtyn taking on the track

 Great profile shot of Braxtyn

 Braxtyn catching some air

Great close-up shot of Braxtyn on his DRR ATV

 Braxtyn piloting down the dirt road

Braxtyn trying to pull ahead of his competition 
 Braxtyn in front of his competitor

 Braxtyn coming around the bend

Braxtyn celebrating in Victory Lane

Braxtyn hanging with his racer friends
 Braxtyn trekking through the forest

Braxtyn and his awesome awards at Victory Lane

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