Monday, October 17, 2016

Heaton Brought the Heat on October 15th

Ericka Heaton participated in multiple races on October 15th and did an awesome job!  Ericka placed first in Moto 1 in 50 cc class, first in the second Moto and first overall.  She also placed first in Moto 1 in the 90cc class, second in Moto 2 and first overall.  You should be very proud of yourself Ericka; those are some very impressive stats!
 Ericka with her awards from the race

 Ericka way off in the distance

Ericka taking off down the track

 Ericka driving down the dirt trail
 Ericka riding off into the woods

 Nice long shot of Ericka riding her DRR ATV

 Ericka at the starting line, ready to race

Ericka catching some major air
 Ericka at the finish line

 Ericka looking awesome on her ATV

Ericka ready to race and checking out the track

 Ericka WAY up in the air

 Great profile picture of Ericka driving
On your mark, get set, go! 

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