Friday, October 28, 2016

Wyatt Rocked at EROC!

On October 23rd, Wyatt Bach raced in the EROC Series Youth Class and at the end of the series awards, he placed second overall. You should be so proud of yourself, Wyatt!
Wyatt with his well-earned awards

 Wyatt racing down the track

 Wyatt going around wind in trail

Time to get muddy, Wyatt!

Wyatt taking a turn

The long and muddy road

Wyatt driving down the dirt trail

Wyatt showing off his award on his ATV

Wyatt's award on his DRR ATV

Wyatt proudly showing his medal

Wyatt looking ready to ride on his DRR ATV

Ready, set, go!

 Wyatt in front of other racer

Wyatt driving down the straightaway

Wyatt zooming down the race trail

 Just Wyatt and the course

 Wyatt showing his newly earned award

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