Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gunnar Succeeds at SkyAx

Gunnar Eller raced in his first arena cross this past weekend at SkyAx.  He placed 4th in 70 mod and 2nd in Quad 7-11.  Great racing Gunnar!
 Gunnar showing off his race award
Gunnar's awesome DRR

Gunnar looking ready to race

 Brrr....chilly temperature for race day!

Gunnar at Victory Lane

Alyssa Sailed into Second Place

Alyssa Rodgers zoomed into second place at the John Gallagher Memorial Sweatshirt Race at CRA Raceway on November 27th!  Great riding Alyssa!
 Alyssa in front of race competitor

 Go #108!

Alyssa traveling down the trail

Alyssa weaving through the woods

 Alyssa powering towards the finish line
 Alyssa working to keep her lead

Alyssa piloting through the forest

 Alyssa and her sister, Andrea, showing their race sweatshirts
Alyssa showing off her swag

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Heatons Brought the Heat!

Ericka Heaton raced in the NECXC Father/Son Race on November 11th. Ericka raced with her mom making it a Mother/Daughter race (very sweet) for the Heatons.  The two were a dynamic duo, coming in second place.  Way to go Ericka and Mom! Looks like they had a great racing day together! : )
Ericka and her mom with their awards

 Ericka getting ready for the race
 Ericka kicking up some dirt
 Cool profile shot of Ericka
Ericka zooming down the dirt trail

 Ericka riding through the woods
Ericka taking on the trees

Ericka taking off down the track

Ericka winding through the woods

 Go #3!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"The Hulk" Smashed the Race

Alyssa Rodgers (dressed as "The Hulk") raced in the CRA Big Valley "Pumpkin Run" on October 30th.  Alyssa did an amazing job, coming in 2nd in the Junior Mini Class.  Way to go Alyssa!

Alyssa on the heels of fellow competitor

Alyssa coming around the bend

GO #108!

Alyssa racing around the bend

Alyssa racing downhill

 Nice profile shot of Alyssa driving her DRR ATV

 Alyssa weaving through the woods
Alyssa driving through the leaves

Alyssa riding out of the forest

Racing results

Gunnar Did a Great Job at Outlaw Mx

According to Gunnar's race report, "Gunnar placed 2nd in open 50, 3rd in race 50 and 4th in 70/90 during the last race of the year.  He was 1st in open 50, 2nd in race 50 and 3rd in 70/90 overall for 2016."  Congratulations on a great racing year, Gunnar!  You should be very proud of your accomplishments. 
Gunnar with his race award

 Gunnar and the other winners displaying their awards

Gunnar and his friends hanging out after the big race

Noah Nails Down 3rd Place

Noah DeCesare raced at CRA Southington Off-Road Park on November 13th.  Noah did a great job, earning 3rd place in his class.  Excellent riding, Noah!
Close-up of Noah racing

 Noah racing through the forest
 Great profile shot of Noah
 Noah getting some help

 Noah maneuvering through the trees
Noah in front of fellow competitor

Alyssa's Racing Rocked at Rock Run

Alyssa Rodgers recently rode her DRR DRX90 at AWCRS RD10 Rock Run.  Despite the clip coming off the carb needle, Alyssa still placed 7th out of 11 riders in the 90cc stock class.  Way to stay with it and finish strong, Alyssa!
Alyssa looking awesome and ready to race on her ATV

Alyssa navigating down the muddy trail

Alyssa staying out of the rain until race time

Alyssa in front of her fellow competitors

 Alyssa driving around the bend

Alyssa VERSUS the mud

 Alyssa racing in the rainy weather

 Alyssa ahead of other racers