Monday, November 21, 2016

The Heatons Brought the Heat!

Ericka Heaton raced in the NECXC Father/Son Race on November 11th. Ericka raced with her mom making it a Mother/Daughter race (very sweet) for the Heatons.  The two were a dynamic duo, coming in second place.  Way to go Ericka and Mom! Looks like they had a great racing day together! : )
Ericka and her mom with their awards

 Ericka getting ready for the race
 Ericka kicking up some dirt
 Cool profile shot of Ericka
Ericka zooming down the dirt trail

 Ericka riding through the woods
Ericka taking on the trees

Ericka taking off down the track

Ericka winding through the woods

 Go #3!


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