Friday, May 26, 2017

What Does a Durometer Mean for Racing Tires?

               Everyone knows it takes a great engine to win a race. However, there is another part of the vehicle in any race that will also determine that outcome. What is that you may ask; well it’s the tires! Having the right tires for the race is something a lot of people overlook. Whether it is a great dirt track, Motocross or pavement you have to have the right tires for the job.
               So what makes the right or wrong tires for the job besides tread pattern? Simple amount of grip the tire has. This grip level is measured by a tool called a durometer. The higher the durometer the harder the tire is, the durometer measures this particular tire spec. Having this tool in your toolbox will give you a better performance on the track. With whatever tires you are using. There are certain durometer ratings for certain track types of surfaces  dirt, asphalt etc  when it comes to how hard or soft a tire should be to get the best performance. No matter what you are running whether it is a car, motorbike, ATV, sprint vehicle or anything else the terrain will dictate the tire type, grip, and inflation. So how to you know you are using the right thickness of tire? Well, it's time to talk about exactly what a durometer does.

What is a Durometer?

               A durometer is a small gauge device which when pressed into a surface will read the thickness of that surface. This gauge is essential to any pit crews list of tools. Tire compound make up determines that hardness of a tire and will, therefore, assist in getting the right tire for the right track.

Why does known the Hardness of My Tires Matter?

               Like stated before each type of track has a tire hardness or grip level that will run effectively on it. Running a paved track with hard tires will create bounce and loss of control, whereas running a dirt track with the same tires will result in better performance. Knowing your track and your tires it extremely important.

How to Use a Durometer

               Using this tool is very simple. Just place the pointed end of the tool on the surface to be measured and press down slightly. It is just that simple. Reading the gauge is as simple as reading the gauges on your vehicle. The harder the surface the high the reading on the gauge. With reading on the gauge you should be able to match to each track you are preparing to run.

               So a Durometer is an essential tool in any racer’s toolbox. Finding the harness of your tires can make your race run better and can get you closer to first place, that and a great engine. Have a great race!